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Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Egineering

Meeting objectives

The main task of this interim meeting will be the draft of the technical document, as established previously in the EMRAS II Technical Meeting (January 2011, IAEA Vienna)

For general information on EMRAS II please consult http://www-ns.iaea.org/projects/emras/emras2/working-groups/working-group-eight.asp?s=8
For past activities on tritium and 14C please consult http://www-ns.iaea.org/projects/emras/emras-tritium-wg.asp?s=8
The start
Horia Hulubei and Sigvard Eklund (IAEA president) , 1969
UNITS 1&2 CANDU600 at Cernavoda 2007- Unit 2 is operational
Meeting venue: Parliament Hotel Bucharest, 106, Izvor St.  
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