First Announcement

We have the honor to inform you that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH) organize a Workshop (interim meeting) on Tritium Accidents, in the frame of IAEA EMRAS II research, Working Group 7.

The general aim of the EMRAS II Programme is to improve capabilities in the field of environmental radiation dose assessment by means of acquisition of improved data for model testing, comparison, reaching consensus on modeling philosophies, approaches and parameter values, development of improved methods and exchange of information

The Working Group focuses on the development of a dynamic reference model that allows the estimation exposure to tritium subsequent to accidental releases. For this purpose, the processes involved in the transfer of tritium in the environment will be analyzed in dependence on the environmental conditions, season and time of the day. A main issue is the integration of actual weather data to enable reliable estimation of the tritium behavior.

The main task of this workshop will be the draft of the technical document, as established previously in the EMRAS II Technical Meeting (January 2011, IAEA Vienna)

The workshop will begin in Monday, 12th September 2011 - morning and end with afternoon session at 15th September 2011 with final discussions of review results

It will focus on:

  • Introduction on tritium accidents
  • Final document on interaction matrix
  • Final document on tritium washout
  • Final document on aquatic pathways
  • Draft document on terrestrial pathways
  • Draft document on HT and - HTO dry deposition and reemission from soil an plant

Meeting Venue (and recommended accommodation):

Hotel Parliament

Address: 106, Izvor Street, 5th District, Bucharest 050564, Romania
Tel: +40 (21) 411-9990
Fax: +40 (21) 411-9991
Email: /

The Hotel Parliament has four stars and is located next to the Parliament Palace, close to the main business and touristic areas, offering a great venue for business or leisure travellers in Bucharest. The hotel is conveniently only a 5 minute walk bus, tram or subway stations that provide transport anywhere in Bucharest.

Accommodation - Special group offer IFIN:
70 Euro per room/night (single)
80 Euro per room/night (double)
Breakfast, internet and taxes are included
Check-in after 13:00; Check-out before 12:00
Credit Cards accepted: Visa, Master Card, America Express

Please note that 10 rooms are pre-reserved until 20 August 2011. After this date the hotel cannot guarantee availability and firm reservation is required.

The reservation period is for 11-15 September 2011, thereby assuming that participants will arrive on the day preceding the start of the meeting.

Please make your reservation PERSONALY in good time at this hotel, mentioning that you are a participant at "EMRAS II WG7". Once you've made your room reservation, please inform the local organizers ( , ) so that they can check everything is in order on your behalf.

On 23 June 2011, the Chamber of Deputies approved entrance new rates for visiting the Palace of Parliament, such as a complete tour, including visits to nine rooms, four galleries, the roof and a section of the basement, the price is set at 45 RON. You can get detailed information on the tariffs and conditions of visiting the Palace of the Parliament by accessing

Participation / Registration:
All participants will be invited by the IAEA once they have registered their intention to participate in the meeting (see the EMRAS II WG7 webpage:
Participants must also contact local organizers ( , ) in order to confirm their participation and obtain all relevant information.

Visa and other entry requirements:
You are requested to contact your nearest Romanian consulate/embassy regarding entry requirements or check the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website
Should you need an entry visa, please note that obtain it is your exclusive responsibility and includes any entry/transit visas required as per your travel itinerary.
In order to obtain a Romanian entry visa, each participant will require an additional invitation letter from the host institute (IFIN-HH). In order to obtain this letter please send an email ( ) with subject "Visa assistance required - 6th Meeting of the EMRAS II WG7", including the information below in your email.

New! Under the conditions required by the National Visa Center and the Romanian Office for Immigration concerning the approval of the granting of visas for foreign citizens who intend to travel to Romania for participating in this meeting, please provide the following personal data:
Given name
Date and place of birth
Passport number
Consular office were visa application was obtained
Work place and short description of your position

From "Henri Coanda" Airport to Hotel Parliament, you can use:

1. Taxi: from "Henri Coanda" Airport to Hotel Parliament (route length is approximately 21 km). Recommended some taxi companies:

Rate: 1.40 lei/km
Orders: 9444/9888; Phone: +40 723-344-433/745-055-095

Taxi 2000
Rate: 1.39 lei/km
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These taxi companies can pick you up from the station in front of the Airport.

2. Bus: Bus no. 783: from "Henri Coanda" Airport to Unirii Square.
The 783 Express line connects "Henri Coanda" Airport with the city center (about 45 minutes).
Airport stop: In front of the Arrivals Terminal and Departures Terminal

> Monday-Friday
05:30-20:00 (every 15 minutes); 20:30-23:00 (every 30 minutes)
> Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays
05:30-23:00 (every 30 minutes)

Ticket office: In front of the Arrivals Terminal
Ticket office opening times: Daily 06:00-21:00
The magnetic card valid for two journeys costs 7 lei
Route: (length: approximately 21 km) "Henri Coanda" Airport (Arrivals Terminal > Departures Terminal) > "Aurel Vlaicu" Baneasa Airport > Piata Presei Libere > Arcul de Triumf > Piata Victoriei > Piata Romana > Piata Universitatii > Piata Unirii (Unirii Square)

Bus no. 385: route: Unirii Square - Dr. Staicovici station (Hotel IBIS and Hotel PARLIAMENT)
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2. Shuttle Buses:
Private shuttle Compact Leasing: 20 Euro/person, available with reservation before check-in*;
Shuttle bus C&I: 10 Euro/ person - departures each hour, first shuttle bus leaving at 04:00/last shuttle bus leaving at 03:00hrs, available also with reservation* (1 hour journey duration).
*For further information, please contact the Hotel Parliament.

For fast traveling in the city you may use the Subway. Bucharest is the only Romanian city to enjoy the benefits of a subway (
There are four underground lines crossing the city: from north to south (M2), from east to west (M3), a circular route (M1), and an exclusively northern route, from 1Mai Station to Gara de Nord (M4). The stations are clean and well marked, and each has a unique design. You must buy a magnetic metro card for either 2 rides or 10 rides; they are very cheap, the equivalent of about 50 eorocents a ride. Subways operate from 5am until 11pm. Check the underground map for routes and stops.

Travel Guides on the Internet interactive map in Romanian in English also

Climate: A continental climate ensures that Bucharest experiences hot, dry summers and cold winters when temperatures often drop well below freezing. The city lies on the Romanian Plain, and this brings chilly winter winds. Summer temperatures are usually pleasantly warm with occasional heat waves, and humidity is low, but there can be occasional rainstorms. The rainiest seasons in Bucharest are spring and autumn. Average minimum temperature for the end of May / beginning of June is 12 C, average maximum is 25 C. Rain is about 70 mm/month.
Traffic: Driving is on the right. Traffic and road signs are international. Maximum speed is 50 km/hr in town, 100 km/hr on highway. Vehicles entering Romania must be insured upon arrival.

Car Rental: This service is available in all main towns and large hotels. A driver's license is required.

Electric current/voltage: Electrical current is 220 V; 50 cycles. Outlets take plugs with two round prongs. A plug and power adapter is necessary for most appliances requiring 110 V or coming from Canada, UK, Japan etc.

Emergency Telephone Numbers: Emergency - 112; Fire Brigade - 981; Medical Emergency Service - 961; Emergency Hospital - 962; Puls Medical Emergency Service - 973; Police - 955; Constabulary - 956.

Organizing Committee:

Dan Galeriu, IFIN-HH (Co-chairman) - CV - Dan Galeriu
Ioan Ursu, IFIN-HH (Co-chairman)
Anca Melintescu, IFIN-HH (scientific secretary)
Alexandra Olteanu, IFIN-HH (economic manager)
Alla Orascu, IFIN-HH (secretary)
Laurentiu Serban, IFIN-HH (webmaster)

We look forward to you joining us in Bucharest in September, 2011

Best regards,
Dr. Dan Galeriu

(for the organizing committee)

Webmaster: Laurentiu Serban